Final Arrangements Paintball Super Cup 2016

It is almost time for Paintball Super Cup 2016 happening from Thursday 8 until Sunday 11 December 2016 at Emerald Resort & Casino, 777 Frikkie Meyer Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark.

Map to Venue

With 51 teams that are participating at this year’s event we have 4 DYE Rize Beginner Div teams, 10 D5 3-man teams, 12 D4 3-man teams, 14 D4 5-man teams, and 11 Challengers/Champions division teams.

Player Information Pack

We hope you are as excited as we are for this years’ Paintball Super Cup 2016. It has been months of preparation to make sure we create the ultimate speedball event for you to experience.

We would like to thank the teams and our sponsors that have committed to the season to help this sport grow to what it is today.

Please make sure you look at the Super Cup Event program to familiarise yourself with what will be happening at the event. Additional information will be provided at registration and via the Super Cup Whatsapp Group

PLEASE NOTE: The Fields as well as Vendor Area will be off limits until Thursday 8 Dec at 12:00. We kindly request players to stay clear from this area to allow the setup crew and vendors to finish their work undisturbed.

We do still have space in the Greg Sewiers Paintball Clinic Fueled by SAFCAPS.


To book please complete the online registration form

Additional information for this event:

  1. Paintball vendors and paintball techs will be available at the event.
  2. Credit/Debit Card facilities are available at the event for the SARPL as well as vendors.
  3. Various food vendors will be at the venue and we request that players please support these vendors.
  4. NOTE: Any alcoholic beverages found in the pit/setup area of the field will be confiscated and can lead to a suspension/ejection of the player/staff.
  5. A beer garden will also be available at the food section. Any intoxicated players will not be allowed to compete.
  6. Please make sure that you and your team are setup and park at the designated areas at the venue.
  7. Own gazebo, table, chairs are welcome. A limited number of tables will be available for teams to setup.
  8. Exclusive Marquee tents will be available for teams that have booked and paid for these.
  9. Only rostered Players/Staff will be allowed in the team area as well as pit areas during their scheduled game times.
  10. Entry to the pit/setup areas will be controlled and only players/staff with relevant credentials will be allowed in.
  11. Event Schedule and announcements will be send via our Super Cup Whatsapp Group to the relevant team number that was registered during the registration of the team. It is the responsibility of the relevant party to make sure the rest of the team gets their updates.
  12. Weather – Weather conditions are out of our control. Games will continue during times of drizzle/rain, but we will stop games should the weather be too dangerous to continue.
  13. Load shedding/Power Failures – The venue does have a backup generator and we should be able to continue irrespective.
  14. Air – Air will be available in the pits at the fields.
  15. Should there be any unforeseen problems these will be communicated to all teams and relevant parties.
  16. Please be ready to play at least 1 hour before your scheduled time for your first game of the day (except for teams starting the day)

Contact Persons

  • Event Co-Ordinator – Paul Grobler – 083 449 9819
  • Assistant Co-Ordinator – Vanessa Schmidt – 083 390 1292
  • Head-Ref (5-man/3-man) – Juan Rossouw

Playing Area

  • Medical Emergencies –Habibi Safety – Martin van Staden
  • Safety and Security – SSG Security
  • Waste Management – SSG


Players staying at the Emerald Resort in the chalets or camping site will have access to shuttle services between the accommodation and playing field areas throughout the day.  If you are using the shuttle services, please make sure to take this into account when planning your day and times you will be playing.


Please note that cylinders will be checked before and during the tournament that they conform to SA regulation SANS 10019:2011.  All cylinders must be within date. A cylinder must be hydro tested every 4 years. Cylinders that are illegal will be confiscated for the duration of the tournament and will be handed back to the owner at the end of the tournament. Players caught playing with an illegal cylinder will face a fine and/or ejection/suspension.


This year we are planning our first live stream from the SAFCAPS 5-man field with commentators.  The games will be streamed to the SARPL Facebook Page and will be managed by Pint Size Media | UYSIT | Barleader. This will be a trial run and we ask all players to assist us in making this a great way of exposing the sport to more people around South Africa and the world.

Players/Teams might be approached by the crew for interviews and feedback, please assist where possible.

We ask teams and spectators to please adhere to our player and spectator code of conduct and rules. Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated.


Please note that unpaid players will not be allowed to compete. Renewal of 2017 SARPL membership will allow a player to compete at Paintball Super Cup 2016.  Players competing in Div 5 upwards must have a valid membership or pay the incidental event fee.

Membership and incidental fees can be paid at the registration area.

** Pit crew that are not playing in the SARPL don’t have to pay membership, but will require a crew card for the event.  Cost – R50

SARPL Bank Details:
FNB Cradlestone (250655)
Acc no: 62463655004

We urge all participants to remember their player cards. Please wear your player card with you at all times. Players and Pit Crew will receive wristbands once registered.

Should you require a replacement card at a cost of R50, please send an e-mail to

Final arrangements for the event:

Field Layout Paintballshop Centurion/Planet Eclipse 3-man

Field Layout SAFCAPS 5-man

Online Schedule

Event Live Scoreboard

Spectator Code of Conduct

Super Cup Event Program

Thursday 8 December 2016

12:00     Registration open / Vendor area open

13:00     Greg Siewers Paintball Clinic Fueled by SAFCAPS

17:30     Opening Ceremony – All teams to be represented during the opening ceremony

18:00     Captains Meeting – all team captains or representatives to be present

21:00     Registration close

Friday 9 December 2016

First Game: 08:00 (SAFCAPS 5-man Field / Paintballshop Centurion/Planet Eclipse 3-man Field)

Check Online Schedule for more information

Format: Mercy 2 / 4
Rules: SARPL/WPBO Rules as per the SARPL Website / WPBO Rules
ROF: 10.5bps Ramping
Game time: 4min 3-man Mercy limited 2 / 6min 5-man Mercy limit 2 / 10 min 5-man Mercy limit 4

Saturday 10 December 2016

First Game: 08:00 (SAFCAPS 5-man Field / Paintballshop Centurion/Planet Eclipse 3-man Field)

Check Online Schedule for more information

Sunday 11 December 2016

First Game: 08:00 (SAFCAPS 5-man Field / Paintballshop Centurion/Planet Eclipse 3-man Field)

Prelim games for Challengers/Champions games and all play-offs 3-man and 5-man

Check Online Schedule for more information



  • Division 5 – 4 teams will continue to the play-offs
  • Division 4 – 6 teams will continue to the play-offs


  • Division 4 – 6 teams will continue to the play-offs
  • Challengers/Champions – 3 teams will continue to the play-offs

Prize Giving

The Super Cup and National prize giving will take place after the finals on Sunday from around 18:00 – 20:00 (to be confirmed)

Please make sure you are up to date with the latest rules as per the WPBO Rulebook (download here)

A team/player may lodge an official, written (e-mail) complaint, after an event about any marshal/referee/staff by providing the name of the marshal/referee/staff, as well as a detailed reason for the complaint.  This will be addressed and noted on the marshal/referee/staff file.

Team Captains are requested to please make sure that their team’s rosters for their team are finalized by Monday 5 December 2016 for this event to make sure the sign-in on Thursday runs smoothly. *If you need any assistance with this, please let me know.

Players are kindly requested to check that their profile details are correct to receive up-to-date information from events, especially e-mail and mobile numbers.  **Players that didn’t receive this e-mail directly were either not on the roster at the time the e-mail was sent or the e-mail address on the APPA website is incorrect.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact Super Cup co-ordinator – Paul Grobler – | 083 449 9819


Getting ready for Paintball Super Cup 2016

After months of preparation we are at the verge of the 4th annual Paintball Supercup 2016.
I would like to start by saying thank you to Vanessa Schmidt and Leonard Nel that assisted during the year with all the pre-arrangements and making sure that this event adhere to all the regulations and statutes set out by government for sporting events. This is definitely no easy task from getting approvals from police, the municipality, the venue to organizing security, waste management, public liability and medical services. Various meetings was attended during the year to make sure all areas are covered to the best of our abilities. All the meetings, plans and paperwork that must be handed in for an event like this to happen is insane.

Continue reading


Paintball Super Cup 2016

We are excited to confirm that the 4th annual Paintball Super Cup will take place at Emerald Casino & Resort from 8-11 December 2016.

The 3-man and 5-man action will take place on the fields that will be setup in close proximity to the vendors area as well as the aquadome and casino and will definitely attract various spectators to watch all the action as players from around South Africa and abroad takes to the field.

We will see Beginners, NSUPL U19, Division 5 and 4 3-man teams competing at the Paintballshop Centurion / Planet Eclipse 3-man Field and Division 4, Challengers, Champions and the SANPA ConFed Cup teams taking to the SAFCAPS 5-man field.  The first African Confederation Cup will also take place with invitational teams from South Africa, Africa and abroad.

The venue also caters for those attending from the aquadome, animal world, fishing on the vaal river, wall climbing, game drives, bowling alley and the Emerald african spa as well as the casino.

Various accommodation offerings is also available from the four star hotel and bush lodge as well as a three star River Resort Chalets and a Caravan site. More Information on accommodation

Make sure you register your team and be part of an unforgettable paintball experience at the Paintball Super Cup 2016


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Paintball Super Cup 2015

Super Cup Christmas Market

SCCM SARPLRing Supercup-Ready

This year will see the first Super Cup Christmas Market with a variety of unique, quality products including Decor, Art, Fashion, Food and Gifts.

Please support the Christmas Market and help us raise funds for our National speedball team that will represent SA in the World Cup events.

Super Cup Event Program

Official Field Layouts – 3-man / 5-man

Official Schedules

Date: 10-13 December 2015

Registration and Sign-In Date – 10 December 2015 12:00

Prelim Games – 11-13 December 2015

Sunday Club – 13 December 2015


Official Paintball Super Cup 2015 Accommodation – Misty Hills Country Hotel

We are excited to announce the Misty Hills Country Hotel, Conference Centre & Spa will be the official Hotel for the Paintball Super Cup 2015.
Only 8km away from Ruimsig Athletics Stadium this beautiful hotel with the world renowned Carnivore Restaurant as well as Spa in the country is the place to stay if you are attending the event.
A great room rate for up to 2 including breakfast await those who book and pay before 15 October 2015.
Contact Juanita Pitout ( and book your rooms today for an unforgettable experience.

Carnivore - New 2011 deluxe superior1 deluxe1 DSC_9841 DSC_9863 front doors Misty Hills-outside view of reception MistyHills to Ruimsig Stadium Spa in the Country


International Referees attending Paintball Super Cup 2015

We are excited to confirm that CJ Traub will be attending the Paintball Super Cup 2015 and will be heading up the referee team with the assistance of David Baker.

CJ started playing paintball consistently in early 2001 and in 2003 began reffing national events with Compete paintball. He attended World Cup at Wide World of Sports at the end of that season and at the beginning of 2004 was asked up to the NXL field. He reffed there until 2007 and participated in the Smart Parts World Championships with that crew as well. Since then have reffed or worked with many leagues including the NPPL, NEXL/NEPL, GPL, USPA, PSP, and currently the NXL where he is the head ref on the main field.

We are excited to have two international, experienced referees as part of the SA referee crew at Paintball Super Cup 2015 and believe this will enhance the level and experience at the event as well as reffing at future events as well with experienced gained by our local referees.


Super Cup 2014 Final Arrangements

It is time for Paintball Super Cup 2014 happening from Friday 12 until Sunday 14 December 2014 at The Roodepoort Athletic Stadium, Handicap Road, Ruimsig.

With 394 players/staff on 68 teams that are participating at this event with 21 D5 3-man teams, 16 D4 3-man teams, 21 D4 5-man teams and our 9 Challengers/Champions division teams – this is the event of the year.

We hope you are as excited as us for this years’ Paintball Super Cup 2014. It has been months of preparation for us to make sure we create the ultimate speedball event for the season.

We would like to thank the teams and our sponsors that have committed to the season to help this sport grow to what it is today. Continue reading