Super Cup 2017 Overview

Paintball Super Cup 2017 is around the corner and will take place from 7-10 December 2017 at Emerald Resort & Casino, Vanderbijlpark.

Here is a rough overview for players/spectators to take note.

Where can you find the fields:

The fields are setup at the Emerald Resort Conference Centre which is right next to the river on the Chalet side of the venue.

What to expect:

  • On Thursday 7 Dec from 8am – 12pm the Paintballshop Centurion 5-man field will be open for teams that have booked a training slot and they will be able to experience the field first hand in their time slot. Register for a training slot
  • At 12pm the Super Cup Registration area will open where players will be able to sign in, collect any pre-orders, get their cylinders checked, pay/renew for their season fees, collect new SARPL player cards, reprint cards etc.
  • At 1pm – 5pm the Pro Clinic with Justin Rabackoff and Brad McCurley, brought to you by Blades and Triggers & GI Sportz, will take place on the Paintballshop Centurion 5-man field. Register Here
  • Teams that booked for training on the Blades and Triggers 3-man field will also be able to take to the field between 1pm-5pm. Register for a training slot
  • At around 6:00pm we would like to do a official opening ceremony with teams joining us for a live webcast. Teams/players are requested to wear their team gear.
  • Straight after the opening ceremony there will be a meeting with team captains about the rules and other important information relating to the event.
  • On Thursday evening around 8pm we are planning to do a LoveOfPaintball Couch talk and invite you to join in the “studio”
  • Friday – Sunday will see the games on both the 3-man and 5-man according to the schedules, but games will commence most days around 7am and will run till around 6pm on the 5-man field.
  • Saturday evening 9 Dec from 6pm we will be starting with the players social. Click here to read more and pre-book
  • Sunday evening join us for the National Prize Giving and Year End Buffet. Click here to read more and pre-book

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