Official Venue


We are excited to confirm that Emerald Casino & Resort as the official venue for the Paintball Super Cup 2017.  They have confirmed the following great rates again for those attending the event.

2017 Super Cup accommodation rates

Hotel, B&B

  • Double – R 1280.00
  • Family room R1900.00

Chalets, rooms only

  • 1 Bedroom – R610.00
  • 2 bedroom – R820.00
  • 3 bedroom – R1300.00

Tent/Caravan Stands: (max: 6 people per stand) – R395

Contact Modiehi Thobeha during office hours on 016 982-8001,

Fill in the online booking request for assistance.

Please remember to quote RATE CODE: Paintball to qualify for the special rates

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