Super Cup Pro Clinic

Make sure you don’t miss out on this years pro clinic with Justin Rabackoff (Edmonton Impact) as well as Brad McCurley (ac:Dallas) hosted at SARPL Super Cup 2017, Emerald Resort & Casino and brought to you by Blades and Triggers and GI Sportz.

Thursday 7 Dec 1pm


2013 saw the premier of Super Cup, an annual paintball event on a national scale. The setting for the first event was the beautiful Forever Resort Gariep and was selected for its location in the middle of South Africa. The weekend of the 6-8 December saw over 50 teams competing in two different divisions in both the 3-man and 5-man formats.

The 3-man format saw a total of 32 teams from across South Africa and Namibia competing in two divisions (Div4 and Div5), while the 5-man format saw a total of 20 teams from across South Africa competing in two divisions (Div3 and Div4) to see who would be crowned the national and provincial winners. We were also privileged to have American PSP Pro team Houston Heat attend the event , along with Dynasty Pro player Ryan Greenspan and Ex-Joy Division Pro player Maximus Lundqvist. Houston Heat played a series of exhibition games against local teams in an open challenge of Friday and Saturday.  International media included Rody Huibers from RSH Media (Netherlands) as well as Joel Pitra from Social Paintball (America) and Ryan Kenny from RK Productions (America).

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