Paintball Super Cup F.A.Q

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Paintball Super Cup

1. Q -Why does the Paintball Super Cup event cost more than a standard SARPL 3-man / 5-man events?

A – The Paintball Super Cup takes place over 4 days at a remote venue. Due to the size of the event additional staff is required to cover various aspects of the event, temporary fields needs to be erected as well as various other expenses like paramedics, insurance, media, international guests and more must be covered to make this an unforgettable experience for all to enjoy.

2. Q – With more teams competing in the 3-man / 5-man events than at normal events will teams play more prelim games?

A – No. With all SARPL/WPBO events a team will always play against 4 other teams in prelims as stated in the rulebook.  Around 50% of these teams will then continue to the play-offs where knock out rounds will take place until 4 teams remain in each division to compete in the semis and finals.

3. Q – What will happen at the prize giving event on the Sunday evening

A – The Gala Evening will see an exhibition of vendors as well as where we recognize the teams for their achievements during the season.

Various Provincial and National Prizes will be announced

4. Q – Can a team compete in the Paintball Super Cup even if they didn’t play during the season in the SARPL?

A – Yes. Any team can enter and play in the Paintball Super Cup event.  Players will have to be a paid registered player, but can pay for their new season player fees competing in the SARPL and will still be allowed to play at Paintball Super Cup.

5. Q – Do I need to be a SARPL paid registered player to compete in the Paintball Super Cup?

A – Yes. To compete in the Paintball Super Cup SARPL event you will need to be a active SARPL registered player.  Players that did not compete in the SARPL series during the year will however be able to register for the follow SARPL season at Paintball Super Cup and will still be able to compete at the event and will receive their new season card at the event. Brand new players competing in the Beginners Division or U15 Division does not need to be members to compete.

6. Q – What vendors can we expect at Paintball Super Cup?

A – Various vendors already confirmed that they will be attending the Paintball Super Cup and are working hard at bringing the latest and greatest gear and accessories for players to get their hands on in time for Christmas and the 2018 season.

7. Q – How will the provincial and national winners be calculated?

A – For 2018 in the 3-man and 5-man Series a teams top 4 event scores in their province will count towards their final provincial standing.  A teams top 3 events overall (played anywhere in the SARPL during the 2018 season) + Super Cup will count towards their final national standing. The National scores will also take into consideration the number of teams competed in their respective divisions in the calculation.

8. Q – Will there be paint available at Paintball Super Cup?

A – YES. Vendors will be selling paintballs at Paintball Super Cup from our official paintball sponsors.

9. Q – Will a team be allowed to bring their own paint to Paintball Super Cup?

A – Yes. Paintball Super Cup will be a own paint tournament. Only sponsored paintball brands are allowed.